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 Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do I need to sign up with USA Hockey every year before I register for Mason City Youth Hockey?

Answer:  YES!  Our organization is governed under USA Hockey Rules and Regulations.  You must follow the link on our website to register with them first as you will be required to provide your USA Hockey registration number during the MCYHA registration process.

Question:  I missed the online registration deadline for Youth Hockey, What do I do if I would still like to sign my child up this season? 

First of all, please be aware that late registrations will be subject to late fee penalties if you are a returning player!  If you are new to the association or just moved into the area, these fees may be waived based on each individual's circumstances.

Print and fill out the forms below:

Other documents that may be helpful:


Question:  I've signed up for Hockey, now what?

Answer: The Youth Hockey Director and or age specific coach will be contacting you to make sure you are aware of the important dates as well as the Parent/Player orientation meeting.  You can also check the schedule for important events and dates.

Question:  Is the ice arena open to the public?

Answer: As a service to the community, we open the doors for public skating.  Last season, the arena was open to public skating for 180 hours. Groups and parties can also rent the arena for get-togethers during the ice season.  Check the Arena Schedule for Public Skate days and times.

Question:  What are my responsibilities as a Hockey Player Parent?


  1. Ensure your child attends practices and games.
  2. Ensure your child is appropriately dressed/geared for practices and games. (Make sure their helmet is not out of date.  Expiration date is on the back of the helmet)
  3. Volunteer to work the concession stand, scoreboard, stats, penalty box during games.
  4. Attend the mandatory orientation meeting for your child’s skill level.

Note: A Team Parent will be in charge of ensuring slots are filled by volunteers and will help train you in the role you are volunteering.

 Question:  What hockey levels do we have available?

Answer: We currently offer the following hockey teams...

  • New to Hockey program (any age for 1st year or 2007 & under)
  • Mites (2008 & Younger birth year)
  • Squirt - House & Travel (2006 - 2007 birth year)
  • Pee Wee - House & Travel (2004 and 2005 birth year)
  • Bantam Travel program (2002 and 2003 birth year)
  • High School (High school age players 2001 birth year and older)

 Question:  How does online registration work?

  • Step #1 will be the USA Hockey link...Some of you may have already signed your kids up with USA Hockey and if so, terrific, you will be able to skip "Step 1".
    Be sure to have your USA Hockey Confirmation #(s) with you when you move on to the Registration process or you will not be able to register your child online with Mason City Youth Hockey.


  • Step #2 will be to download the USA Hockey Consent to Treat form. Please print and fill out one for each child you will be registering.  We have given you the option to either scan it into your computer and
    upload during the registration process (Preferred) or you may turn it in prior to your first practice and/or Team meeting in the registration box at the arena.


Final step from website will be "Registering" your player (Since this is our first year using online registration, there will be no prior player information to"import" yet. So, on the first page you will need to click "Add Participant")

  • Some fields are "Required" & others are "Optional" we encourage you to fill out as much information as possible.  If you will be signing up multiple players you will continue to click "Add Participant" after each player input until you have them all in.  Then you will be able to move on to adding Parent Information.
  • Once all info is filled out, there is an option to "hide all info from teammates"  This is your choice, however we do suggest you leave this unchecked so other team players or parents will know how to contact you if needed.


Next -  "Documents & Waivers"

  • From here you will be able to upload your completed Consent to Treat form if you would like to.  You will also be required to read through and acknowledge the "Code of Conduct" and "Photo" Waivers for EACH participant you have registered.
Next - "Participant & Registration Fees"
  • Everyone will have two options to choose from (#1- New to Hockey / #2 - The Level that coincides with your Birth Date)  You must choose only one of them...**Remember...New To Hockey is only for FIRST Year Players (Any Age) or SECOND Year players (8 years and Under)  If you have any questions about NTH, please let me know.
There will also be 2 optional items that you can choose:
  • The "Robby Glantz Clinic" & "Wednesday Night Skills"  If you would "NOT" like to choose either, you must check the "No Thank You" options for both of them before you can move on.
Next - "Checkout"    (FYI...If you get to this page and you realize you forgot to add another player...you will have another chance to add them here before you pay)
  • This page will give you a summary of what you have selected for each player and your Total Fees.
  • All registrants will have the option to pay their total in full or you may choose Monthly Installment Options.
Once your payment goes through you will receive a confirmation page and you are all set!!!